I haven’t carved a pumpkin in YEARS… probably over a decade (using words like “decade” when referring to things in my life makes me feel old AF. lol).

So I decided this weekend that I was going to carve a pumpkin but I didn’t want to carve just any old design. I wanted to carve a unique one! And because my carving skills are not exactly sharp right now, it needed to be easy so I decided to use the bicep flex emoji (welcome to 2018 where we are carving emojis into pumpkins lol). And before you even ask, yes I did put a regular huge candle in my pumpkin because I realized I did not have one of the small ones lol. Work with what you got! 

First let me introduce you to my beautiful strong pumpkin, let’s all thank him for donating his body to TSP!


Once I gave my pumpkin a warm welcome I then pulled up a picture of the emoji on my phone and free hand drew the arm. I tried my best to get the proportions right and then I just decided that it was going to be what it was going to be lol. Don’t always aim for perfection, things like this are just to have fun!!


Then I GUTTED him! *insert extremely creepy Halloween music here*

I didn’t get any pictures of me sawing my way through the pumpkin… taking photos with pumpkin guts on your hands is a bit difficult!

I was super impressed with how well my arm turned out that I decided to spontaneously cut out a silly happy pumpkin face on the other side!!


Pumpkin carving definitely needs to go onto anybody’s fall bucket lists! And next week…. seeing if I can figure out how to roast the seeds!! (I am not so sure I even like pumpkin seeds haha)

Happy carving and

Stay Strong!



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