We have all been there! We want to get more fit and more healthy… SO we sign up for the gym.

Here is a list of what I think are some good steps to getting comfortable in your new surroundings. But, also… you should know that

  1. Familiarize yourself with the equipment

Go at a time where there is nobody there if you’re uncomfortable. Employees should actually be more than happy to take you around if they haven’t already. Or just explore yourself! 

  1. Get to know the employees

This probably isn’t the most important, but it could help if you need to report equipment damage, or, in a pinch, spot a lift.

Knowing the employees can also be fun because it can create an environment that you enjoy going to which means you might workout/train more often.

  1. Take a class!!

Most difficult part of first time gym goers is feeling out of their element. Well, peeps, get comfortable with being uncomfortable! (I remember trying a Zumba class for the first time, I went because I loved the instructor and she convinced me to show up and even though I was awful I continued to go because I was having fun!)

And, once you’ve taken one class. . . take another!

  1. Start with equipment you understand

Master one area at a time. If you have no idea what stuff you like then just start somewhere and settle in! Equipment can be the most intimidating part of the gym. It’s okay not to know what to do!! Once you have an idea about one area, move onto the next scariest for you and just start tackling it all!

  1. Introduce yourself to people

I like this one because you never know who you’re going to meet. I met a wonderful woman in my first gym who I am still friends with today! We ended up being able to workout together occasionally and it was so much fun for both of us to see progress and kick ideas back and forth about workouts. Just be courteous of some ones workout (don’t go up to them in the middle of a set and jam their flow, haha that would be my least favorite thing!)

  1. Have fun and be safe!! 

You will find so much joy once you are in the gym and once you feel comfortable milling around and using various equipment. For me, the most intimidating part of the gym was not knowing what to do. I feared, very deeply, looking stupid to other people, but what I know now as time has gone on is I can’t let the opinions of others effect my plans for myself. It is easier said than done, but I hope this list is short and concise enough to encourage gym membership and gym happiness!

Our bodies were made to move, so get movin’! 

A group of ladies I got to workout with
Because I went to the gym, I met this awesome friend who convinced me to do a 10k run!
and just a gym selfie of me being proud about 295 on squats! haha


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