…that you will ever work on is yourself.

This is a time in my life where I am realizing that there have been so many little/minuscule and, frankly, ridiculous, things that I have let stand in my way of reaching for the things I’ve wanted.

I saw that quote yesterday on Instagram: “The greatest project, you’ll ever work on is yourself”.

This is such a inspiring statement. We spend so much of our time giving to other things: kids, parents, work etc. For those of us who take our responsibilities seriously, we know our capacity for work is high. We know that when we commit to somebody to accomplish something, we make sure it happens.

What if we devoted the same powerful energy that we give to others to ourselves? 

How different would your life look right now if you let go of the exceptionally small things you’ve erected in your path and dedicated yourself to yourself in the same way you do others?

The absolute greatest project you will ever work on is yourself. Do not let yourself get caught in the current of your life and let your dreams get swept away with it.

You are all you have.

Get strong, stay strong.


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